It's all about caring

We care about you, so we care about our ingredients and where they come from. We created a transparent sourcing supply chain exactly to do that.

Source directly by ourselves

We only partner with farmers who won't settle for anything less than the heartiest, most nourishing produce. We have dedicated a team to ensure every ingredient are ethically and sustainably produced.

Designed with nutritionists

We work with nutritionists to craft flavorful recipes from raw ingredients that bring a little something extra to the table. So it doesn't only taste good, but good for you too.

Not-so-boring Processes

Source exceptional quality ingredients from local farmlands

Our dedicated staff went to each one to ensure the farmers harvest them sustainably and ethically, with love

Proprietary process that consist of natural drying, freeze drying, slow heat and compression to keep all the natural nutrients and minerals.

Hand-packed each infuser with the right recipes developed by in-house nutritionists, into a biodegradable infuser.

Triple toxin screening, and then bring them to a 3rd party lab to make sure it’s free of random stuff like pesticides and heavy metals

Ship directly to you without middleman

Our Ingredients

There is taste in simplicity


It's a calming and soothing herb that has been used for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion. It also contains menthol, which has a cooling effect and can help relieve a sore throat.


It has been shown to ease gastrointestinal complaints, reduce menstrual cramps, relieve cold symptoms, soothe skin irritations and treat eye & mouth inflammation.


Rose can be used to calm the mind and elevate your mood. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce the redness of irritated skin and get rid of acne. Its vitamin C content is a natural boost for the immune system.


It's contains a compound called curcumin. Studies show it has incredible benefits against depression. It also boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor, linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of brain diseases.


It helps to reduce LDL cholesterol level-particularly in the blood vessels. Known as a rich antioxidant, it protects bodily tissues and cellular functions. Its aroma is known to have its direct impact on the nerves that induces calmness and relieves chronic stress.


Many studies suggest that dandelion may help normalize blood sugar and fight inflammation. It's also known to aid in improving appetite, reducing muscle pain, stomach disorders, and it helps treat bruises as well.

Cocoa Beans

It can reduce high blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels. Its polyphenols improve blood flow to your brain and brain function. It can also improve mood and symptoms of depression, increasing fat oxidation and feelings of fullness.

Monk Fruit

The compounds that give it a sweet flavor (called mogrosides) are actually antioxidants. It can protect tissues in the body from the damage of free radicals. It can also help you to stay lean as it can inhibit the differentiation of pre-fat cells into fat cells.

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