World's First: Instant Cold-infuse™ Trial Set
World's First: Instant Cold-infuse™ Trial Set
World's First: Instant Cold-infuse™ Trial Set
World's First: Instant Cold-infuse™ Trial Set

World's First: Instant Cold-infuse™ Trial Set

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Featured in Forbes, CNN, Buzzfeed, USA Today. "Healthiest cold drink on the planet." - HuffPost.

Cold-infuse your (boring) water instantly with real, healthy botanicals. One packet for 100oz of water. 

Keeping you healthy and happily hydrated for hours. Save money and the environment. Less than $0.50 USD per drink.

1st box: Cold-Infuse Set: 3 of our most popular cold-infusers.
Refills: Variety Pack. $48.00 USD. Save 20%, 28 infusers. 

The healthiest and most eco-friendly (i.e not boring) way to drink more water.

Only real ingredients without sugar? Check.
Earth-friendly? Check.
Easy peasy? Double check.

Everything you need to make your water interesting again.

Healthy hydration ready in seconds

Just add our cold-infuser and cold/iced water into any reusable bottle, shake for a few seconds, sip, and refill. Easy breezy.

biodegradable teabags

Premium flavor from real botanicals

Your thrist is real, just like our ingredients. Everything in a biodegradable sachet, giving you an unbelievable refreshing flavor.

coldbrew teas bottle

Designed to be refillable for up to a gallon of water

Let the cold infuser stays in the bottle. Just add cold/iced water, shake and sip again. Save money and the environment - no more disposable plastic for your cold drinks.

Plant-based & Vegan-friendly

No sugar/additives, non-GMO

Zero-waste hydration

Convenient, no trade off in quality

Gluten and allergen free

Save money, refillable up to a gallon

While other beverage makers are adding flavorings to make their drinks tasty, we’re going back to basics.
Clean ingredient label right in the front.

china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
Accelerate metabolism naturally

Reduce wrinkles and free radicals

Remove body toxins
china developed most experienced craftmanship for teas
Reduce physical and mental stress
how to use fast cold-brew tea shaking

One gallon of healthy hydration in a tasty, zero-waste kind of way.

It’s the best of three worlds.

Office/Home hydration

"It's for people who see the value in investing in their body during office hours and beyond."

- Martin C, Design Director at boringwater

coldbrew teas bottle

Workout hydration

How about keeping yourself hydrated while getting the real health benefits from real ingredients? Active ingredients like cumin, catechins can naturally accelerate metabolism too.

Compared with other water-alternatives for daily hydration

Instant Cold-infuse
Soda / Flavored water Bottled tea Juice / Coconut water
Real ingredients with
natural health benefits
No additives Sometimes
No added sugar Sometimes Sometimes

Compared with other water-alternatives for daily hydration

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Proprietary Process

Our proprietary process involves harvesting our ingredients at peak seasons, slow heat and then vacuum flash-frozen them. It keeps the nutrition and properties, taste, color and smell. They then go through three processes of sterilizations, via Microwave, UV, and Steam.

Our in-house nutritionists craft recipes that are both tasty and healthy, especially suitable for daily hydration.

We don't extract, we don't add. If it doesn't occur in nature, it is not in our products.

"This is my daily hydration! I'll never go back to flavored and sweetened drinks. It's great to know i'm doing good to my body throughout the day, and I've reduced so much sugar intake!!"
- Olivia A., an early customer from NY.

Some numbers

no artificial stuff
Reduced the consumption of sugary-sweetened drinks by 21,240,000ml*

no plastic bottles
Reduced the use of 53,100 one-time plasic bottles since launch

*Each bottle is 400ml. The numbers are based on the data as of 1st May 2019.

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